Norton flagging Storiesonline as malicious (false positive)

Today, the 18th of March, 2019, Norton Anti-virus package started flagging Storiesonline as a malicious site with phishing problem.

Of course, it’s a false positive. The page that Norton is reporting as malicious doesn’t request any info, so there is no possibility of phishing; how does their system flag something as possible fishing when there is no form on the page to input anything?!

I’ve submitted a request for reevaluation and hopefully they rectify their mistake quickly enough.

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4 replies on “Norton flagging Storiesonline as malicious (false positive)”

  1. since yesterday I can only rarely get into stories online; most of the time I get a message saying that the program is unavailable. What’s up? (I am a premium member.)

      1. prob some foolish religious nut who can’t handle that some people are not as stuck up as they are.

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