Storiesonline service disruption

The registrar transfer we announced last week did not go very smoothly at some ISPs. So the parked-domain ads page from the new registrar propagated a bit between the time I got the message that the registry has been transferred and the time I created the new record at the new registrar.

If you’re not able to get to storiesonline yet, be patient. It’s a matter of waiting this out until the DNS server you’re using refreshes the entry for the site.

If you’re in a hurry and you’re technically savvy, you can change your DNS server to that should resolve it. is privacy-oriented, fast and free domain name service that anybody can use.

Visit for instructions how to make the change to this excellent DNS service on your device.

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  1. Any idea how long it will take for the domain server to find us “Non techno savy” people?

    1. Most of the internet has been updated by now. The activity level has returned to normal on the site. If it’s not the case for you yet, then you’re one of the outliers.

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