Norton flagging Storiesonline as malicious (false positive)

Today, the 18th of March, 2019, Norton Anti-virus package started flagging Storiesonline as a malicious site with phishing problem. Of course, it’s a false positive. The page that Norton is reporting as malicious doesn’t request any info, so there is no possibility of phishing; how does their system flag something as possible fishing when there […]

Popup Ads on our sites!

I’ve been receiving many questions and complaints lately about popup ads littering the text on storiesonline and finestories. Even a couple of reports about outright graphical ads on the site. Let me make something clear: storiesonline and finestories don’t serve, host or link to ads. These ads are typically served by a malware-style browser extensions. […]

Expanded Voting Form: Wording and Value distibution

I’m working on implementing the new optional expanded voting form referenced in my previous blog entry Final Decisions. I need some feedback about the wording of the voting form. The form will have three separate criteria for the reader to select values for and I want it to be clear enough about the meaning of […]


Well, it has been an interesting experience to say the least. If you haven’t read my two most recent entries about changes to the scoring system on the site, you should read them. The gist of this blog entry is to tell you that ALL changes to the scoring system have been canceled and reverted. […]