New Submission Wizard Features

Today, Saturday, August 19th, 2006, marks the deployment of a new version of the site’s submission wizard. It’s not a complete re-write but a significant one nonetheless.

New features:

  1. Shortcuts:
    Designed for authors with multiple similar postings. For example if you need to post several chapters of a novel, separately, instead of clicking the wizard, then selecting a pen name (if applicable), then selecting ‘New Chapter’, then selecting the story – for each chapter, you can save the pen name, submission type, story, progress status, opt out of new categories, opt out of story’s end-note, opt out of moderator notes.
    Also works for new stories, but of course with appropriate options (for example you can’t opt out of categories because they’re required). Basically, the version saves a lot of clicking.
  2. Delayed Posting:
    For authors that like to post something to appear later on the site.

Other changes include some JavaScript enhancements to reduce the clicking required; as well as removing some ambiguities when editing existing submissions.

If you’re an author, give it a whirl and tell me what you think. Of course, bug reports are appreciated as well as suggestions for possible enhancements.

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One reply on “New Submission Wizard Features”

  1. I am an author on the site, and I really like the new Submission Wizard.
    It does, as Lazeez says, save a lot of clicking.

    My only suggestion would be to add another option to two of the selections we have to make.

    Sex content goes from ‘Sex Story’ to ‘A Little Sex.’ I think there needs to be ‘A Lot Of Sex’ in between the two.

    The other suggestion is for story type. A lot of people look for, and a lot of Authors write what could only be called stroke stories. You should add that as a story type.

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