Slowdowns, Offline and slowdowns follow up

Since the Sunday right before Labor day monday, the sites have been slow. And today, Sunday the 9th or September, the whole server farm went offline from 1:00am EDT ’til 9:40am EDT. Even now that the sites are online, things are flaky with lots of slowdowns and dropped connections. After much investigation, we found that […]

Voting system. Again!

Although I swore I would never discuss scores again because I’ve done it literally hundreds of times since the end of 2006, I will attempt to clarify things here again since there is a lot of misinformation floating around. So the purpose of this post is to keep this info available for the future. First […]

Weekly Download Counter Change

I’ve made an important change to the site today. Tonight will be the last night that weekly counters are all reset to zero. From now on the system will keep track of the last seven days individually for each story. So, the weekly counters will now reflect a story’s downloads in the last seven days […]