Storiesonline Valentines Day Writing Contest

We’re having a new Writing Contest for Valentines Day 2015.

Write your version of a romantic valentines day story.

Valentines Day Writing Contest details here

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  1. As a budding writer and avid reader of erotica I love this site but (and there is always a BUT isn’t there) I find it hard to navigate the listings of some of my more prolific brethren such as mattwatt, lubrican, and many others as the listing of their stories is alphabetical and any new story may be titled ‘The ?’ which means searching through all the pages of their listing. IS IT possible to setup a system where the listings can be searched by DATE starting with latest story posted????

  2. I’m sorry to ask an unrelated question here, but I can’t find anywhere else to email Lazaaz.

    Any idea what happened to Joe J.?

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