The New Clitorides Awards Site is here!

As I promised a while back in one of the discussions about the new home page on SOL, IT’S FINALLY here.

The actual functioning, ClitoridesAwards site.

It’s in beta status still. But, it’s practically done.

And now I need all the help that I can get. It’s simple really: Please use the site.

Test it out, explore every nook and cranny in it. Login (if you have a account, you’re already registered). Nominate stories. Nominate authors. Check out the pages. Check spellings, things that look out of place, things that don’t work as they should, things that don’t look right at all and file bug reports for the stuff that you stumble upon. There is a bug reporting form on the site.

We need to find as many bugs as possible. We need to find them and squash them before new year’s. Which is the official launch of the site.

Few notes:

1 – The nominations submitted are most likely to be discarded by the end of the beta period. However, we definitely need as many valid nominations as possible in order to debug the code that will sort out the winners.

2a – The site uses the new Log in System. I call it ‘WLPC Login system’. That has one implication. If you change your password or your email on the clitorides site, then if everything is working properly, it will change your password or email on SOL too. The clitorides site doesn’t use user names, so those won’t be affected on SOL.

2b – Storiesonline doesn’t really support the new log in system fully. It only sends info to the ID server, but it doesn’t get updated beyond the initial addition. So if you have changed your password or email address on SOL in the last few months, then your new info may not log you in at the clitorides site.

Another thing about the new clitorides awards that needs discussion: The award categories.

The following categories I have no problem with:

Flash Erotic Story of the Year – up to 1,000 words
Short Erotic Story of the Year – 1,000 -> 7,500 words
Medium Erotic Story of the Year – 7,500 -> 20,000 words
Long Erotic Story of the Year – 20,000 -> 50,000 words
Epic Erotic Story of the Year – 50,000+ words
Classic Clitoride
Best Erotic Story by a New Author
Best Romantic Story
Best Erotic Science Fiction/Fantasy Story
Best Erotic MC Story
Best BDSM Story
Best Furry/Best/Zoo Story
Best Erotic Horror Story
Best Erotic Humor Story
Best Erotic Poetry
Best Voyeur/Exhibitionism Story

The above categories are fine.

The ones below I’m not sure about:

Best Hetero Sex Story
Best Same Sex Story

Do we really need a category for ‘Hetero’ story?

Maybe Gay/Lesbian needs its own category, but the hetero one is so broad that it is meaningless and undeserving to be a specific award category in my mind.

And of the existing ones, what the hell is a ‘Best Erotic Seasonal Story’? is that like for a holiday or occasion maybe?

Also, what about other genres that we have on SOL and other site’s but weren’t in the awards before I took over. Like Westerns? Don’t those deserve their own category?

What other categories have I missed?

Let me know what you think.

PS: I’m a busy man with a family, I’ve been spending a lot of time finishing the site. So I may not have plenty of time to respond to everything, but I will definitely read everything you guys contribute and take everything into consideration. I will reply whenever necessary.

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30 replies on “The New Clitorides Awards Site is here!”

  1. so far all the categories i seen are for mainly erotic stories.
    i think categories for plot stories should be added as well.

  2. I get: “No such email address in our database”.

    I changed my email address a couple of years back and my guess would be that your system still uses the original one for Login validation on the new site.

    1. Odd. Your email address and password are the same across SOL’s database and the ID server’s database. So you should be able to log in the awards site without issues.

  3. I am not sure I could even tell you what my original email address was 🙁

    So cannot login at this stage

  4. One Question.
    What defines a ‘new’ author? e.g. When Beating Off Bob changed to Lubrican, was he new, or would he have been treated as new if the archives hadn’t been carried over as well? Also, what about authors who use more than one name, or one who has changed name and reposted the same stories under the ‘new’ name? ( I am fairly certain that has happened).

    One Comment.
    I don’t think there is a need to distinguish between heterosexual and gay stories. Many contain elements of both, which muddies the water as to which category they could /should be in.

    Thank You Lazeez for your continuing dedication to improving the experience here.

  5. Story categories: Ya, “seasonal” I would think apply to things like Halloween and Christmas stories. Not a “summer” or “fall” story. Probably worth keeping, but rename “holiday stories.”

    Yes, add westerns. Also time travel.

  6. “Best Erotic Seasonal Story” to me that would mean Halloween, Chanukah, Yule, NYE, Valentines Day, Earth Day, etc.
    Maybe a category for ‘do over’ stories; they seem to be popping up all the time.

  7. I couldn’t enter the site either. It said that it did not recognize my email address. I haven’t changed a thing for years.

  8. A couple of comments: I couldn’t find a definition of categories. Ideally, it should be in the FAQ (or a direct link from the home page), as well as a display of the selected category criteria during the nomination process — e.g. if you select “Flash Story” it should display “You are nominating a story that was updated in 2013 and has less than 100 words”. Or something like that.

    Another suggestion — a favicon. A minor thing, but makes the tab look kind of naked 🙂

  9. ‘Erotic’ should be a descriptor in all categories. Maybe an ‘LGTB’ category. Don’t need a ‘hetero’ category at all.
    As others have said… thanks for all you do!

      1. LGTB = Lesbian Gay Trans Bi

        I don’t see the need for Hetero either. Since the vast majority of the stories tend to be hetero focused I don’t think it needs a special call out. I can see it for the more under represented genres though since some good stories might otherwise get lost in the flood.

        I can see adding western as a category but I would think that time travel would fall under SciFi. Though that does create the issue of the time travelling western which seems to be pretty popular.

      2. LGTB = Lesbian, Gay, Trans, Bi. Sometimes also seen with Q, Questioning. I think that if there’s going to be an award category for … shall we say, ‘heterodox (non-orthodox) sexuality’? … perhaps using ‘GB’ (GenderBending) would allow for all the possible permutations, which sometimes seem to change almost hourly.

  10. I agree with the previous comments about seasonal stories – Halloween and Christmas are the most common ones that come to mind, but other holidays might make sense too.

    I would also comment that there seem to be award categories for only the most common (popular) kinds of fetishes or preferences like MC and BDSM, but no categories for some of the other less common themes. Ron mentioned LGTB (Lesbian Gay Trans-gender Bi-). There are several web sites I am aware of that have some very interesting stories I think of as TG but SOL might label as trans for transformation (where a person gets to live life on the other side of the gender divide) that sometimes include science fiction or fantasy as an element. There are several sites that have stories with a size fetish orientation of shrinking or giant people and their erotic potential. Since the size fetish has no separate category, they can only be eligible for science fiction or fantasy awards? I am wondering if a “Best Other Fetish” erotic fiction category might make sense. You could certainly add a lot of new categories for a lot of less popular fetishes if you really wanted too…

  11. I would support a Do-over category and the idea of a category for ‘worlds’ or plot driven series

  12. “No such email address in our database.”
    This is the email address I use here – and the password was identical.

  13. Login
    “No such email address in our database.”
    This is the email address I use here – and the password was identical.

    Register a new address
    Address registered with WLPC (through Storiesonline ).
    Just login using your login from storiesonline


  14. I’m guessing here, but I suspect the original purpose of the categories was to encourage people to offer books and stories IN those categories. So it follows that “seasonal or holiday stories” is a good one to encourage. So are westerns, swords and sorcery or fantasy and things like that. The categories should reflect the basic kinds of stories readers come looking for. Does your search engine keep stats on key words like “Western” “Incest” “Sci Fi” “Gay” “Horror” and the like? If so, those stats might help identify categories.

  15. Tested with one of my stories that’s only available on my website, and it handled the data-passing URL without problem ( haven’t gotten around to converting that part to friendly URLs )

    Login went fine, and blinking around through other things went off without a hitch.

    Have to agree that “best hetero” is something that could probably go away. Everyone has covered holiday stories, and I have to agree about genres such as Western that probably deserve some love.

    1. Actually, I passed that story just because. I will be adding to the rules that the story must have a verifiable posting / updating date. Otherwise, how will we know if it qualifies or not.

  16. Since it appears that the Clitorides Awards is hosted by why can’t I use my user name and password?

    1. You can.

      However, the awards site doesn’t support user names, so you’ll need to use your email address, the one that you have in your storiesonline’s profile.

      If for some reason it doesn’t work, then, you need to make sure that your info is updated in our new ID system. On storiesonline, go to the ‘My Account’ page, and if the data there is correct, click the ‘Push Login to ID Server’ link. If it comes back as OK, then you can log in to the awards site with your storiesonline email and password.

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