The Clitorides Awards are open for voting, Finally!

It took a while, but I finally finished the code for the awards voting system. I was supposed to be finished before the first of March 2014, but as these things tend to happen, I encountered life, work and coding issues. But that’s all water under the bridge now as they say.

So head on to the Voting Page and cast your vote for your favourite 2013 authors and 2013 stories.

Please note that for voting, it’s different from nominations, you have to log in to cast your votes.

On a side note, the awards site is now also accepting nominations for the award year 2014. The awards will accept nominations for 2014 until the end of January 2015.

The New Clitorides Awards Site is here!

As I promised a while back in one of the discussions about the new home page on SOL, IT’S FINALLY here.

The actual functioning, ClitoridesAwards site.

It’s in beta status still. But, it’s practically done.

And now I need all the help that I can get. It’s simple really: Please use the site.

Test it out, explore every nook and cranny in it. Login (if you have a account, you’re already registered). Nominate stories. Nominate authors. Check out the pages. Check spellings, things that look out of place, things that don’t work as they should, things that don’t look right at all and file bug reports for the stuff that you stumble upon. There is a bug reporting form on the site.

We need to find as many bugs as possible. We need to find them and squash them before new year’s. Which is the official launch of the site.

Few notes:

1 – The nominations submitted are most likely to be discarded by the end of the beta period. However, we definitely need as many valid nominations as possible in order to debug the code that will sort out the winners.

2a – The site uses the new Log in System. I call it ‘WLPC Login system’. That has one implication. If you change your password or your email on the clitorides site, then if everything is working properly, it will change your password or email on SOL too. The clitorides site doesn’t use user names, so those won’t be affected on SOL.

2b – Storiesonline doesn’t really support the new log in system fully. It only sends info to the ID server, but it doesn’t get updated beyond the initial addition. So if you have changed your password or email address on SOL in the last few months, then your new info may not log you in at the clitorides site.

Another thing about the new clitorides awards that needs discussion: The award categories.

The following categories I have no problem with:

Flash Erotic Story of the Year – up to 1,000 words
Short Erotic Story of the Year – 1,000 -> 7,500 words
Medium Erotic Story of the Year – 7,500 -> 20,000 words
Long Erotic Story of the Year – 20,000 -> 50,000 words
Epic Erotic Story of the Year – 50,000+ words
Classic Clitoride
Best Erotic Story by a New Author
Best Romantic Story
Best Erotic Science Fiction/Fantasy Story
Best Erotic MC Story
Best BDSM Story
Best Furry/Best/Zoo Story
Best Erotic Horror Story
Best Erotic Humor Story
Best Erotic Poetry
Best Voyeur/Exhibitionism Story

The above categories are fine.

The ones below I’m not sure about:

Best Hetero Sex Story
Best Same Sex Story

Do we really need a category for ‘Hetero’ story?

Maybe Gay/Lesbian needs its own category, but the hetero one is so broad that it is meaningless and undeserving to be a specific award category in my mind.

And of the existing ones, what the hell is a ‘Best Erotic Seasonal Story’? is that like for a holiday or occasion maybe?

Also, what about other genres that we have on SOL and other site’s but weren’t in the awards before I took over. Like Westerns? Don’t those deserve their own category?

What other categories have I missed?

Let me know what you think.

PS: I’m a busy man with a family, I’ve been spending a lot of time finishing the site. So I may not have plenty of time to respond to everything, but I will definitely read everything you guys contribute and take everything into consideration. I will reply whenever necessary.

New Clitorides Awards Site

Hello everyone,

Back on February 15th, 2007, Souvie posted the following in message on Usenet in the ASSD group ( id Message-ID: <dqk9t2tihhc7as6cf8qv704v44utjfqttk>:

> I will not be running the awards next year, someone else has taken them over. I’m sure everyone’ll find out eventually. In the meantime, it’s been fun. 🙂

> I’m going to email Kenny and see if he wants me to do the Silver Clits for the time he’s been away, and it’s possible the person who’s taking over the GCA will be taking over the SCA (depends on what Kenny says).

> Now that I have no legitimate excuse not to write, I still won’t be writing. It’s not fun right now and if and when the fun returns, maybe then I’ll pick my pen back up.

Well, time has come to reveal that I’m the one who volunteered to try to handle the awards. I’m sure many of you have already known or guessed that little fact.

I registered a domain for them, it’s at

I always thought the clitorides were a great idea, but the awards suffered from the fact that, usually, one or two people took the responsibility of handling them. Those people should be thanked for taking on such a big responsibility. However, that usually meant if the person got too busy, or simply lost interest or whatever could happen in real life with them happened, the awards suffered. The awards are a big job and a tedious one. Nobody wanted to do the job forever.

I believe that a central website that can handle most of the grunt work and overseen by volunteers from the community can go a long way to establish the awards as a legit entity.

I’m here to announce my plans for the awards and to seek all input.

Personally, I don’t have any particular interest in running the awards or influencing them in any shape or form. My only interest is the general health of the writing community. I believe that well established awards are good for the community.

What I offer is my technical expertise and my resources to build and host a site for the awards.

What I’m here looking for is the input of everybody who is interested in the issue.

In order for me to finish implementing the site and have it work properly, I need a clear set of rules that most would agree on to govern the awards. I also need a group of volunteers to oversee the nominations and handle the final announcements.

The site’s engine would handle receiving nominations, sending out confirmation messages if needed, and tallying the results.

As of now, the site is up and running in limited fashion. It can handle user registration, log in, author nominations and story nominations for the Golden Clitorides awards for 2007.

Currently, there 20 story categories and 2 author categories. They are the same that Souvie used last year. The old archive pages are there, the only change to them was that I put them in the site’s template, otherwise, they’re still as they are on the old site.

What I’m looking for now is suggestions for changes, the creation of a set of rules to govern the awards and volunteers to moderate the awards. There is no admin section to the site yet because I don’t have any guidelines what needs to be implemented other than there should be a way to verify and moderate nominations.

I’m not sure which way is best to start this process; I don’t have a forum. We could use this blog here and the comments system below, or we can create a page relating to the issue on

So, lets get this process started 🙂