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Storiesonline is a stories site started by Lazeez Jiddan.

In 1998, the site started as a personal hobby site for Lazeez and was titled 'Lazeez’s Erotic Corner'. At the time, it was served from his own personal computer. The implication was that, at night, when Lazeez went to sleep so did the site. It only operated during waking hours.

With time, the site’s popularity grew, more readers, and more authors submitting their stories for posting, which led the site to more traffic than ever. In May of 1998, lazeez registered the storiesonline.net domain and started using it.

Prior to 1999, Lazeez posted a variety of contents from images, jokes, stories and even some videos. However, his passion was always about stories and when the site's bandwidth demands grew beyond what he could possibly afford, he scaled the site back and dedicated it strictly to serving stories.

Finally, in summer of 2000, Lazeez was able to afford external hosting and the site stayed online ever since.