Slowdowns, Offline and slowdowns follow up

Since the Sunday right before Labor day monday, the sites have been slow. And today, Sunday the 9th or September, the whole server farm went offline from 1:00am EDT ’til 9:40am EDT. Even now that the sites are online, things are flaky with lots of slowdowns and dropped connections.

After much investigation, we found that our oldest two servers (circa 2003) have given up the ghost and the rest are not keeping up with demand. It seems that the electric power in the facilities have something to do with the issue.

Here is what we will do to remedy the situation:

This week sometime, the servers will be moved to a different facility and the dead servers will be replaced. We don’t know the exact time of the move, but it will be in the coming few days. We will make an announcement few hours before the actual move and as soon as we have a firm time.

During the few hours before the move, the site will be in limited functionality. No new postings and no payments accepted.

During the move, the site will be completely offline, and it will last for a couple of hours at least. After that, everything should be back to normal.

Meanwhile, until that happens, the server farm has decreased in capacity, so expect lower performance from all the site that we have, including SOL and Finestories.

We apologize for any inconvenience that this will have. Hopefully, we’ll restore the service to a better than ever shape.

I hate Murphy and all his laws!

If you look closely, you’ll find that the last previous article is all the way from 2007. That’s because the server that this blog was hosted on previously got seriously zapped by a lightning strike and its hard drive got fried, and all the data about this site, since its move to wordpress got lost.

All that got lost despite having a UPS with supposedly serious surge protection and nightly backups!

Well, the UPS didn’t do its job and none of the backups that we relied on were retrievable.

Also, I’ve been quite busy, so I didn’t have the time to set this up again until now. So here we are, starting from scratch.

Well, not completely from scratch, but since we have a gap of four and half years, might as well be from scratch.

Needless to say, we had to replace several UPSs because we don’t trust the older ones anymore and a new backup policy.

Live and Learn!