Email Feedback System: A minor, but important change

I’ve made a small change to the email feedback system that all authors should be aware of.

From now on, all non-anonymous email messages coming from the site’s feedback system will be coming from ‘feedback’at’’ with their ‘Reply to:’ field set to the real email address submitted by the feedback sender.

The net result of this change is that less feedback messages will have the chance of being blocked by spam filtering software/services. And that’s because the site’s mail server won’t be pretending to be the sender’s mail server in order to deliver the messages.

What will this change mean for authors? should be nothing.

All email services and email clients, whether desktop based or web based respect the ‘Reply to:’ header and when you click the ‘Reply’ button in your email client, the ‘To’ field should be filled with whatever email address is set in the message’s ‘Reply to’ field/header.

If you filter messages based on the ‘From’ field, then you may have to change that to the ‘Reply To:’ field.

Anonymous messages will still come from ‘

With this change, all email being sent from storiesonline’s servers will be from the domain. Also, the new mail server installed on the site, which is responsible for receiving mail sent to the domain, is configured to scrutinise incoming messages as much as possible to cut down as much as possible the amount of spam being received by the mail server.

All in all, this change will make the site a better net citizen.