Library Usage Examples and Tips

Lately, I’ve been getting many requests for certain features for the library system, even though those features already exist in the Library, like update dates and a way to track serial stories.

So in order to address those requests, I’ve created a page that shows a sample uses of the Library system on the site.

I linked the new page from the various help pages on the site.

The page can be found here.

The new page shows how to use the library for tracking active serials, to remember stories for reading later and for managing bookmarks on the site, on other sites and on your own computer.

Of course, other creative uses suggestions for the library are most welcome.

A small request

The last section of the new page details how to use the library to bookmark stories on other web sites and on your own computer. In that section I give a JavaScript snippet to use as a bookmarklet for adding stories from other sites and from your computer to the library easily.

I created the code, but I must admit, I’m not an expert in coding JavaScript. I was able to make it work on the Mac with Safari (my browser of choice), Camino and Firefox. I couldn’t figure out how to make it work with Opera (it does not send the cookie in with the request) and couldn’t make it work with iCab either (it wouldn’t even initiate the connection despite allowing popup windows). Currently, I don’t have access to a Windows computer, so I cannot test the code snippet on IE (theoretically, it should work). So if you have the expertise to change the code to work with the browsers above or other browsers like IE or any of the linux browsers, send me your changes and I’ll add them to the list.