Story Classification

I have a problem. Or should I say, I’m dissatisfied with something. Story classification.

Currently, the site uses codes to classify stories, but this method has significant shortcomings in my view. It does not distinguish between main themes or story types from minor activities.

I want to create an additional classification system that focuses only on main story types or genres, for example: Science Fiction, Western, Horror etc… and of course each genres could have some sub-genres.

So far, I have no details about the supported genres, but I definitely want to make it in a way that stories can’t have more than one genre. Main genres will replace some story codes like Scifi, horror.

So, this is a call for suggestions of what genres to include in the new system, and if a genre definitely needs sub-genres, what they are. Try to keep in mind that a story can only have exactly ONE genre and ONE sub-genre.

What’s puzzling me the most is what genre can plain sex stories have? They’re about human relationships, so what genre would that be?

Also, I intend to create a flag for sex and non-sex stories. The ‘no-sex’ category is not adequate.

So with this new classification a story can be, for example, Science Fiction: Time Travel: sex story, or Science Fiction: End of Civilization: non-sex story.

With the sex/nosex flag, all stories currently on the site would be classified as sex stories and it’s up to each author to flip the flag if it is needed for their stories.

Currently posted stories would have no genre classification unless it’s something already expressed currently in the categories.

So, what do you think, should I or shouldn’t I?